Never Forget 1619

  • The San Juan Bautista left Angola with 350 Captured Africans May 1619
  • 100 Imprisoned Africans died during the Voyage
  • The San Juan Bautista diverted to Jamaica for Medicine and Food
  • 25 African Prisoners were traded as slaves for Medicine and Food
  • May 1619 The Bautista sets sail for the silver mines in Vera Cruz, Mexico
  • The Privateer Ships White Lion and Treasurer attack the Bautista in The Gulf of Campeche
  • 60 Imprisoned Africans survivors were stolen and split up between the White Lion and Treasurer
  • In August 1619 The White Lion came ashore in Virginia at Port Comfort (Ft. Monroe) Hampton, VA
  • The first 25 Africans to arrive in the American Colonies were traded for a Chest of Maize (Corn)
  • Anthoney and Isabella were two of the young Africans on the White Lion.
  • Anthoney and Isabella married and in late 1623, Isabella gave birth to a baby boy.
  • They named the boy William Tucker after The Commander at Port Comfort.
  • William Tucker was the first African Child born in the American Colonies he was baptized Jan. 4, 1624.
  • The first 25 Captured Africans who arrived in Virginia were not slaves, they were indentured servants and most earned their freedom after working 15-20 years. 
  • Virginia did not become a Slave State until 1661.


Calvin Pearson, Founder and Director of Project 1619, is the person and catalyst for Commemorating this 400th year event. August 23-25, 2019. African Landing Day. Port Comfort (Ft. Monroe), Hampton, Virginia. Read more about the Program and Dr. Pearson's long hard effort to get the truth out about the arrival of the First Africans to the English Colonies. WWW.PROJECT1619.ORG



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